Our Team

  • Knut Torvik

    Chief Executive Officer

    Knut was promoted to Chief Executive Officer in 2010 from Vice President, Property Management and Contracts Administration. 

    Knut holds an MBA from Arizona State University (Thunderbird) and has over 25 years of business experience in multiple industries, including energy trading, management consulting, healthcare and aerospace.

  • Michele Torvik

    Chief Operations Manager

    Michele joined ABCT after working as a marketing and communications consultant for a global energy company. After two years as ABCT's Vice President of Marketing and Development, Michele was promoted to Chief Operations Officer. 

    Michele holds an MBA from Arizona State University (Thunderbird) and brings over 25 years of business experience in marketing and operations in insurance, technology, energy and healthcare management.

    Michele is the Past President of the Rotary Club of Roseburg, and is a member of the Board for the Boys and Girls Club of the Umpqua Valley. 

  • Shannyn Williams

    Senior Claims Administration Manager

    Shannyn came to work for ABCT in 1998 as a Professional Claims Analyst. In 2003 she assumed the primary responsibility of Benefit Administration along with claims analyst duties.  

    In 2007 Shannyn was named Claims Supervisor, and was promoted to her current position as Senior Claims Operations Manager in 2011.

  • Ian Colvin

    Operations Director

    With experience in technology and management, Ian is the bridge between customers (and other non-technical decision makers) and IT professionals.  

    He has technical experience on a range of system platforms, using many versions of programming, database and application management tools. More recently Ian moved into project, product and operations management.  

  • Russell Shilling, MCDBA, MCSA, MCSE Win 2003

    Programming Manager

    During his ten years at ABCT, Russell has been the key technical resource for all programming-related IT initiatives, including legacy data conversion, contract implementation, the creation of a proprietary system of customization with adjudication integration, and has developed commercially-marketed software. 

    Russell began in computer science in 1973, and has been the developer of several significant software and IT projects. These range from a sophisticated computer simulation of a borax refinery, a rewrite of a dental practice management system, an automated liquid chromatography testing system involving both hardware and software, and a computer game which was commercially published. 

  • Toni Rodley

    Manager of Billing and Collections

    Toni has been with ABCT for over 22 years. She possesses an extensive knowledge of medical billing and collections and management of office personnel.

    Toni is the General Manager for two of the entities managed by ABCT: Island Medical Staff & Billing, LLC (IMSB), and Harvard Billing & Staffing Services (HBSS)

  • ABCT Employees

    It is essential to have established experts committed to the future of any venture. Experience does matter. ABCT knows how and what to do to generate success.

    ABCT has built a team with solid expertise by hiring talented and motivated people, supporting them with the right training and support, and managing for results.

    The greatest compliment we receive is when our client tells us the ABCT team is like an extension of their team - with the same goals, priorities, and dedication to service. 

  • Harold Anderson, MD

    ABCT Chairman of the Board

    For over 40 years Dr. Anderson has served the Roseburg community and the US Army as a physician of Internal Medicine. Dr. Anderson has been a leader and trusted authority in Oregon's healthcare environment, and is one of the founders of ABCT, Inc.

    Dr. Anderson earned his medical degree at the George Washington University Medical School and completed his residency at Letterman General Hospital in San Francisco. He has retired more than once, but the love of medicine and patient care bring him back to work daily.

  • Robert (roby) Bennett, MD

    ABCT Board Secretary

    Dr. Bennett earned his medical degree from the University of California, Davis and completed his specialty training in radiology at UC Davis. He moved his family to Roseburg, Oregon in 1982, and began providing health care to the community as a board-certified radiologist in January 1983. Dr. Bennett became a shareholder and officer of ABCT, Inc., in 1988.

  • william hollander, MD