ABCT, Inc, is a management services provider that brings a practical, roll-up-your-shirtsleeves attitude to the way we create value for our clients in the healthcare industry.

ABCT delivers efficient, effective, and high-quality support services by running lean, being agile, doing the right work at the right time, and practicing strategic simplicity.


ABCT will be the steady, dependable service provider of choice to keep our clients’ operations profitably humming.  

We create and deliver solutions that offer solid value, and we develop and problem-solve with strategic simplicity. 

We run lean and agile; avoiding unnecessary costs in our operations by doing the right work at the right time.


In the early '80s, ABCT’s founding members, Dr. Anderson and Dr. Babbitt, recognized the need for advanced medical imaging in rural Oregon and launched the first shared mobile CT scanner in Douglas County. Our name came from this endeavor: Anderson+Babbitt+CT =  ABCT, Inc.

In the mid-'90s, ABCT expanded into Third Party Administrative claims services. We also formed additional mobile medical services and facilitated the start-up of dental plans with over 84,000 enrollees. 

In 2000, ABCT expanded our management services to the US Territory of Guam.

ABCT seeks opportunities in the ever-changing healthcare environment for the benefit of our clients, their patients, and our investors.