ABCT - On Your Team, Ahead of the Curve


                ABCT offers management and back-office services including medical claims processing, billing and collections, bookkeeping and payroll, human resources and more. We also partner with you for property and facility management, operations leadership and support, marketing strategy and support, and business development and joint ventures.


               Regular audits. Checks and balances. Experience. Our team delivers results efficiently and cost-effectively. How accurate? For over five years, quarterly audits of our claims payment accuracy is an average 99.6%*. Those are results we’re proud of.


               Claims coding is complex and requires attention to detail and constantly updated training, particularly for Medicare and Medicaid. We have the staff to handle those tasks – reducing your error rates and keeping you compliant. We also have strong HIPAA privacy policies to keep Protected Health Information secure.


                We are experts in creating transparency in your operations, so you and your leadership team always know where you stand. We “open the black box” with the structure, technology and communication tools that put the control back in your hands.

If you find it increasingly difficult to hire qualified talent with specialized expertise, or if your needs are only part-time, we have a solution. Talk to us about augmenting your team to help you overcome the knowledge and resource gaps.

Why wait through a learning curve, when ABCT can put you ahead of the curve?